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After LambdaAPI and LambdaAPI2, LambdaAPI3 is another java-written implementation of lambda-calculus.

While LambdaAPI uses Lambdascope and LambdaAPI2 uses interaction combinators, LambdaAPI3 is based on directed acyclic graphs (dag). A synthetic introduction to this sharing technique is given in Sharing in the Evaluation of lambda Expressions.

LambdaAPI3 could be usefull to students that are interested by lambda calculus and/or its implementation.

The software is provided in source form exclusively and depends on nothing but the JRE System Library (1.6 or later).

Its license is free. LambdaAPI3 is developed within the xmloperator project.

The software is described in the following documents:

For more information, please send a mail to "info at" using a subject starting with "[LambdaAPI3]".



2013-05-30. Release 1.0.0.

2013-07-29. Release 2.0.0: applied lambda calculus with constants.

Last update : 2013-07-29 Copyright (c) 2013 The_xmloperator_project