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LambdaAPI is a java-written implementation of lambda-calculus. Its aim is to support applications of lambda-calculus. It makes use of the Lambdascope normalization technique, which guarantees optimality. The software is provided in source form exclusively and depends on nothing but the JRE System Library (jdk 1.4 or later). Its license is free. LambdaAPI is developed within the xmloperator project but has no special connection with XML (until now).

The software is described by the two following documents:

Both documents contain links to the javadoc that don't work on-line because the javadoc is zipped (it must be downloaded).

For more information, please send a mail to "info at" using a subject starting with "[LambdaAPI]".



2004-09-06. First public release : 1.0.0.

2004-09-11. Documentation correction (english usage). Thanks to Laurent for his help.

2004-09-13. Another documentation correction pass (1.0.2).

Last update : 2013-06-05 Copyright (c) 2004 The_xmloperator_project